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Stress and Gratitude

As fall approaches, I reflect on our collective experience and all of the changes the world has seen in the past six months.  I go through a variety of emotions like everyone.  I may often times feel depressed, angry, and sad. There are many people going through some dark emotional states, and I can understand the feelings of hopelessness and despair. These feelings generate a sense of powerlessness. 

My intention is to inform and inspire people to reclaim their power. There is so much to absorb, and we have to take it one step at a time.  I am filled with so many different thoughts, feelings, and emotions about our world.  Everyone on the planet has been impacted and society will be forever affected, but this change can be exactly what the world needs. This can be the necessary jolt that will shift people into a higher consciousness. Our future will be determined by the ways in which we choose to respond.  We cannot move into a better place while living in a state of fear. In order to reclaim our power, it is important to briefly explain how and why the perception of stress and fear creates disease.

We produce many different chemicals and hormones that regulate the healthy function of cells. Some of the hormones are associated with the normal growth, repair, and maintenance of cells. Some hormones are associated with survival mechanisms, or the “fight or flight” response.

When we perceive stress, the brain triggers the release of hormones and chemicals associated with protection. These hormones direct the blood away from the core of the body and into the larger muscles of the arms and legs.  This gives us the energy to fight or run away from danger.  As a survival response, the brain shuts off all energy to the body’s healing repair mechanisms, immune function, and digestive function.  These stress chemicals also make us less intelligent because they suppress blood flow to the front part of the brain. This is where logical reasoning and conscious thinking occurs. During the perception of stress, the blood is forced into the back part of the brain where our habits and reflexes are accessed. These stress responses are evolutionary and designed to be released in life-threatening situations, such as encountering a lion or a forest fire.

The environment we live in today creates a constant stress response. An individual’s perception of the environment will determine which chemicals are released into the blood.  Our minds are programmed with what we consistently watch, listen to, talk about, and think about.  When we focus on our own negative internal dialogue and give our attention to disempowering information from television programming, we live in a constant and disempowered state of fear, isolation, separation, and suppression.  We feel stuck in the same emotions, habits, and patterns because we are constantly programmed with information that creates disharmony and disease in the mind and body.

Another important point to understand is that the healing hormones cannot be released at the same time as the stress hormones. We must be in a relaxed state in order for the healing hormones to be released into the blood, which is why any consistent stress reduction technique can be transformative.  Quality sleep is so vital because it is the one time we turn off our thoughts and allow the body to repair.  The sleep difficulties many people face only add to this cycle of disharmony and imbalance.    

The obstacles and uncertain times we are currently experiencing can make us feel helpless with no reason to be positive or optimistic. Now is the time to look at our stumbling blocks as stepping-stones and consciously change how we choose to live and experience life. We need to remember how powerful we are as individuals, but especially, together. What kind of world do we want to create and experience?

We can consciously control our thoughts and learn how to change our subconscious self-limiting programs. We can choose to generate feelings and emotions of joy, gratitude, and love.  When we focus our attention on feelings such as, love, freedom and abundance, our brain initiates the release of the chemicals and hormones associated with cell growth and healing repair. This process opens doors to different feelings, emotions, habits, patterns and experiences.

One of the simplest and most powerful habits we can practice is to regularly focus on gratitude. This will bring us into a higher energetic state. When we choose to focus our attention on all that we are grateful for and generate the feelings of love and abundance, we are speaking the universal language that will attract more into our lives.  The key is to generate the feeling with as much detail as possible.  This will energetically raise your mood and create the momentum shift necessary to take the next step. We must consciously create this higher vibratory state or a higher vibration.  I like to say “vibrate higher”, as a reminder to consciously control where we are focusing our mental energy.  

We are all much more powerful than we realize.  We are the conscious creators of our lives, individually and collectively. In order to receive, we have to be open. Now is the time to expand, not contract. Let’s keep our hearts open and our minds open.  Let’s do this to not only adapt to a changing world, but to thrive in a world that we consciously create.  If we want health, freedom, joy, abundance, and love, then we have to feel, think, talk, listen to, and watch programs that are in alignment and harmony with those vibrations. When we raise our individual consciousness and vibration, the outside world is affected. In reclaiming our power, we help others in the process.

I am grateful for so much in my life, including my friendship and the 30+ years of combined chiropractic experience I have with Dr. JJ. We both share a lasting purpose to serve our community with excellent care. The entire staff at Complete Family Healthcare is my extended family, and they keep me inspired daily. I am grateful for Dr. JJ’s leadership over these past months.  My experience and perspective allows me to truly appreciate how difficult this process is, and I am proud of how he continues to move forward each day. His awareness of the consistent healthcare changes and his ability to take calm, quick actions has given us the opportunity to continue to help many families. I am so appreciative and grateful for Joni, Dawn, and Charis, who are all amazing in their own ways. They each bring an intelligence, personality, and relentless work ethic that is an essential component to the success of our practice. Their dedication to our patients and commitment to perfection is contagious.  I feel fortunate to be able to work with people who I care about and enjoy being around each day. 

We are certainly grateful for all of our patients and families whose lives we have touched over the years. You are the most valuable part of our practice.  Complete Family Healthcare wants to reach and help as many people as we can.  We find that the most effective and powerful way to reach new patients is with our patient testimonials. Most of our new patients are referred from existing patients or they read an amazing testimonial online.  We would be so grateful if you helped us continue our mission to serve as many families as possible. If there is anything about your experience with our doctors and staff that you are comfortable sharing and feel might help someone else, please post a testimonial on the Complete Family Healthcare Facebook page.  You never know how profoundly impactful your story can be. You have the power to give someone the courage and hope necessary to take the next step in reclaiming their health and transforming their life.  

Let’s choose love over fear. Realize that we are all connected. The more you improve yourself and raise your vibration, the more you will see things that are beneficial to your well-being.

Vibrate higher,


Dr. Jarrod Wise, DC


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