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Does your doctor care really about you or how you pay for their services?

This week, I have had a lot of conversations with patients about how they were treated by their previous doctors, physical therapy clinics, or pain management centers that they have encountered in the past.  It amazes me how common it is for doctors to not even flinch at stopping treatment or services for patients just because their insurance benefits change, or become exhausted.  It's as if the patient's condition and need for the doctor's services doesn't matter and when the time comes each year that a patient's insurance no longer pays for services, they are just supposed to stop treatment all together until next year when they magically achieve medical necessity again.  This is not how we do things at Complete Family Healthcare.

As an in network provider for every heath insurance in GA, I make sure that I do all I can to provide multiple affordable options for patients to utilize my services whether insurance covers care or not.  More importantly, I explain and plan out the most cost effective and successful course of care with patients so they are able to incorporate my services effectively into their lifestyles without inconsistent interruptions due to insurance limitations or financial restraints. 

So what I am trying to say is that I care about my patients and try to be straight forward by clearly explaining how much things will cost to get the most out of their chiropractic care regardless of how big or small their budgets are or how great or how poor their insurance benefits are...AND I ENCOURAGE THEM TO PAY PER VISIT NOT IN LARGE PRE-PAYMENT PROGRAMS SO THEY SEE THE VALUE OF THEIR CARE EACH AND EVERY VISIT.  Another words, I actually care about my patients and want to see them get the most out of what I have to offer rather than me getting paid the most money from each and every one of them...

It is truly amazing how common it is to see this type of inconsistent recommendations by doctors to their patients throughout healthcare centers today.  I think it is important for patients to be educated about this trend and to ask your doctor/nurse/therapist to their face, "Are you providing recommendations to me based off of how well you are going to be paid, or are you providing recommendations to me so that I achieve optimal success now and into the future?"


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