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Chiropractic Care

At Complete Family Healthcare, Patients of all age groups and lifestyles come to see Dr. JJ for many different reasons and conditions.  The type of care recommended and/or provided as options to each patient can best be described in the following ways:

  • Pain Relief/Condition Based Care  Relief, correction, and/or management of most neurological, musculoskeletal, chronic or acute based health condition/injuries that children, adults, seniors, pregnant woman, and/or athletes experience throughout their lives. Dr. JJ will either have relieved the condition or shown enough improvement within the first 3 visits of treatment for the patient/parents of the patient to determine the best future options of future care, or he will provide you with the best referral options to most effectively treat your/your child's condition.  Essentially, if the patient is not responding and is not happy with the results within the first 3 visits, the future visits are not time efficient or cost-effective for the patient or the doctor as Dr. JJ will only recommend continued care if the patient has the ability to improve and values the care they are provided.
  • Stabilization/Corrective Care  This type of chiropractic care is provided for those that are suffering from a chronic condition that requires a certain frequency of care to function optimally throughout life and/or a patient has graduated from relief care and is motivated to continue to correct and stabilize the joints associated with their condition to prevent future relapses and/or worse conditions from developing in their spine and/or extremity joints. 
  • Optimal Wellness/Sports Performance Care  This type of care is provided when patients are at their optimal state of health and want to stay there and/or work to improve their strength, ROM, speed, and ability to recover from races/game/performances through regular chiropractic care every 2-4 weeks.

Chiropractic care by Dr. JJ Anthonijs of Complete Family Healthcare is performed so that the treatment can be as effective as possible while still being as comfortable as possible through a hands-on technique. Dr. JJ applies multiple different ways to adjust different areas of the spine and extremity joints so that each patient is treated as effectively as possible while creating as little discomfort or strain of any kind to the patient as possible. This is a technique of adjusting that has taken Dr. JJ over a decade in practice to develop and is customized according to each patients' feedback and continually evolves with each day, week, month, and year that goes by. Below is a video clip of an adjustment performed by Dr. JJ approximately 8 years ago and hasn't changed much, it's just modified slightly from 8 more years of experience adjusting 100's of people per week. 

In order to achieve the best results from your care as well as ensuring the success of those who you refer to our office, it's necessary to know and relay to others the following information:

  • Health is a measure of how well you FUNCTION, not the presence or absence of symptoms.
  • Your Nervous system controls every cell in your body (including the cells that make up your internal organs as well as those that control pain) ultimately regulating how well you function.
  • From the moment we are born until the moment we pass away, the nerves running between the vertebra of our spine are negatively impacted by physical, chemical and emotional stresses that lead to a condition called subluxation.
  • A subluxation is a condition of nerve pressure that builds up between our joints that prevents us from functioning normal/ at our full health potential.  Chiropractic is the only form of healthcare that corrects the condition of subluxation without drugs or surgeries and enables your body to function optimally so that it can heal itself.
  • Health is NOT how you feel.  HEALTH IS HOW YOU HEAL!
  • Hence, if you are sick or feeling "under the weather", this is not a reason to cancel a scheduled adjustment, this is more of a reason to make it to your adjustment so that the nerve pressure associated with your condition can be removed and your immune system can function better to help you fight off your condition and heal faster.
  • The reality is that chiropractic adjustments don't cure the symptoms, chiropractic adjustments eliminate the subluxations that exist when you are not functioning 100% (because you can't possibly have symptoms if you are functioning 100%), and in being adjusted you will CLEAR your nervous system which will eliminate the source of the most common symptoms we experience throughout all stages of life.  This will result in correcting the cause of your condition and ultimately improving your overall health; rather than temporarily numbing your senses and causing side-effects, therefore, creating new symptoms (Totally opposite approach than medication).


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