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We offer clinical massage services in conjunction with Corporate Massage Solutions. 

We are proud to work with a team of talented therapists who enjoy helping and improving the lives of others. Our therapists are a group of independent, certified and insured massage therapists who provide professional massage services at our physical location as well as at our On-Site corporate accounts.

Dr. JJ Anthonijs or Dr. Jarrod Wise provides you with a free consultation and gives specific recommendations to the massage therapist regarding the best course of treatment for you.  They also instruct the massage therapist on any procedures to avoid within the massage therapy sessions.  The doctors work closely with the therapists and staff to provide a customized protocol of the most effective services. They monitor and change these rehabilitation protocols throughout your care according to the results each session provides.

CFHC massage services range from a 30 minute minimum to a 90 minute maximum unless otherwise agreed upon in writing with a CFHC doctor.  The types of massages and focus areas of massage services are individually tailored to each client/patient after consulting with the doctor and/or massage therapist.

** If you have health insurance that may cover massage therapy services, please allow us to verify these benefits for you and explain them to you as every insurance policy is different.

** If you have been involved in an auto accident and would like to use massage as part of your recovery program, please let us know so that we may assist you with incorporating these benefits into your care.

Last-minute/walk-in massage appointments are welcome if they are available.  Cancellation fees apply for no-shows or cancelling with 24 hours of the appointment.

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